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8. September 2018

The Salzburg Festival season has just finished and the next celebrations are already coming up. Rupertikirtag is a fair held annually in honour of Saint Rupert, the patron saint of Salzburg, for 5 days in September.

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Salzburg for adventurers

29. August 2018

Yes, Salzburg has a lot of cultural things to see.  But whoever thought there’s nothing else to do, couldn’t be more wrong. Here are three activities close to the city centre for all the adventurers out there.

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The Salzburg Festival; a festival for the rich and the old?

15. August 2018

There is one major topic dominating every conversation in Salzburg these days: the Salzburg Festival. Time flies, two more weeks and it will be over already. But before that, there are two clichés about the Salzburg Festival we’d like to delete from your head.

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Salzburg With Kids

5. August 2018

Travelling with kids can be difficult. Often, children are hard to thrill with what their parents are interested in and the other way around. Therefore, we have compiled a list of activities for you that are fun for young and old.

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Salzburg’s markets

25. July 2018

Salzburg is well known for its Christmas markets. Its weekly markets around the year are, however, in no way inferior to them and less touristy. Make sure to visit at least one of them during your stay to get a unique taste of Salzburg’s regional products. These are Salzburg’s most famous markets

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Salzburg’s Churches and Cemeteries

17. June 2018

Countless steeples tower the roofs of Salzburg and their appendant cemeteries have provided material for almost just as many scary stories for generations.  It is hardly possible to overlook that the city and the church share a common history. We put together a list of our favourite churches and cemeteries in Salzburg that should not […]

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Tailored Salzburg City Tours

22. May 2018

exploring Salzburg like a local

Salzburg has a lot to offer. However, getting stuck in Getreidegasse between a hundred of other tourists trying to catch a glimpse on Mozart’s birthplace is probably not the experience you are striving for, when you decide to pay this historical city a visit.

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Salzburg’s escape
from the city jungle

Now that spring has finally sprung, it is time to ­explore Salzburg’s surrounding mountains. A trip to the Gaisberg is the perfect ­opportunity for a short escape from the tourist hustle and bustle in the city centre and to enjoy the sun.

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Hellbrunn and its trick fountains

17. May 2018

the perfect destination for a day in the fresh air

It is hard to tell what is the best thing about Hellbrunn. Is it the majestic castle itself? Is it its surrounding gardens? Or is it the trick fountains? Find out yourself.

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Great spots for an authentic coffee

3. April 2018

We Austrians love coffee. Always have, always will. You might be thinking of all the trendy cafés popping up at the moment, selling iced latte with salted caramel and soy milk and other variations that take way too long to order. Don’t worry, we have those as well, but if you really want to discover […]

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Shooting time in one of our apartments

15. March 2018

The guest we welcomed in March in our apartment „Attersee“ were a little different from what we are used to: A director, actors and a camera team.  For five days, the apartment was turned into a movie set.

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